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Hacked again

2010-07-24 23:13:43 by BoredomNation

soooo this is way late but hacked is wayy fucking better, and I'm going to resend it to addicting games soon. I've put up a "game" to test backgrounds and movement styles if anyone would like to check it out.


2010-03-02 22:36:17 by BoredomNation

I sent the Full Version of Hacked to Addicting Games about a week ago!
cross your fingers!

if it is accepted to the website look forward to an official demo!

Also, the new beta demo tester thing for quick draw rangers 2 is out, check it!


2009-11-20 10:08:18 by BoredomNation

The "Hacked" game is coming along nicely, plus I have thanksgiving break coming up! Although there is no guarantee that it will be accepted onto addicting games.... once it is I'll make an official demo and post it here.

Look forward to it

A Nation is Born

2009-10-12 23:18:59 by BoredomNation

BoredomNation, a society of enlightened individuals, or just one guy, who creates things that we use every day without noticing them.

Objects of Procrastination

These things are needed, in order to ensure a crammed study session or a late sunday report.

You're Welcome